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50L Sale at La Sylphide October 16, 2010

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I’ve been quite busy with real life for a bit now and am lucky to log into SL once a week, so I’ll be closing my store at the end of the month. If you’d like a last chance to grab any skins from La Sylphide, all current ranges (Claire, Katie and Poppy) are available for 50L per makeup until the end of October. After this time, they will disappear into the depths of my inventory for good. You can grab them here, right next to Whippet and Buck. It’s been fun!


Claire – New Skin at La Sylphide May 17, 2010

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Claire, now available at La Sylphide after much stuffing around. Available in 3 skintones, single skins are 600L and fatpacks of 8 makeups are a discounted 2000L.

Teleport to La Sylphide Main Store


New at La Sylphide May 9, 2009

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Introducing Poppy and Katie, two brand new skins at La Sylphide.





Poppy and Katie are available in 2 tones each with 8 makeups (shown below). Single skins are 900L, and fatpacks of 8 skins are only 3000L.


Poppy - Tan

Katie - Tan

Katie - Tan

Drop by and try a demo!


Skin sale at La Sylphide! April 26, 2009

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Huge skin sale at La Sylphide. The entire Ingrid line and all but 8 of the Erin skins will be retired at the end of the sale to make way for new items. Ingrid – 200L per single, Erin – 300L per single. Only at the mainstore at Imogen.


Discounted Store Cards at La Sylphide November 8, 2008

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Store cards are now available at La Sylphide, offering huge discounts for multiple purchases of the Erin range of skins. The more you buy, the more you save. Fat packs are gone from the store because now you can choose your own combination of skins using the card system.

Pay 2400L for a store card valued at 3600L, that’s enough to buy 4 skins.

Pay 3400L for a store card valued at 5400L and pick up 6 skins of your choice.

Save even more when you pay 4000L for a card valued at 7200L, that works out to 8 skins for only 500L each.

These are all huge discounts at percentages I can’t work out because my math skills really suck. Anyway, you’re saving lots of money.

Don’t forget to right click the vendor and choose “Card” from the menu when using the store cards to purchase skins.¬† Please note that currently the cards only work with the Erin skin range, and only at the mainstore in Imogen.


Ingrid Skins Half Price Sale October 26, 2008

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All Ingrid skins are half price at La Sylphide for one week only. Fatpacks are discounted too. That’s 300L per single skin, or 1800L for a pack of 8. Only at Imogen. Sale does not include the Erin skin range.


New Lucky Chair skin at La Sylphide! October 11, 2008

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Erin “Party Girl” in Tan, exclusive to the Lucky Chair at La Sylphide. Letters change every 10 minutes and wildcards are on. Enjoy!